We Find People Who Can't Find Themselves
We Find People Who
Can't Find Themselves
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3446 E Deshler Ave #B, Columbus, OH 43227
Cleveland: (216) 906-9444
10205 Eliot Ave. #B, Cleveland, OH 44104
Cincinnati toll free: (866) 536-8052
9544 Winton Road Cincinnati, OH, Suite B

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Awards and Certifications:


Licensed Criminologist • Former Chief Investigator at South Florida Detective Bureau
• Clerk of Courts REG # 275 (Dade County FL) • Former Agent C.B.I. California Bureau of Investigations (Private Company)
• Member of all State & National Process Server and Legal Support Associations • Former Investigator/Process Server for Sidley - Austin (Chicago) • All Agents are Law Students and or Law Enforcement Experienced



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50% Bruto Anual Va a la Caridad

50% of Annual Gross Goes to Charity

Ohio P.I. Lic# 819 Jubilado

Ohio P.I. Lic# 819 Retired

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Our court process servers / investigators serve all legal documents with affordable accuracy.

Cousin Miami Vice TV Star "Tubbs"
Private investigator baffled by bow-and-arrow attack
$2,000 Reward offered for New Evidence in 1976 Murder Case
Slain Man's Family offers Reward for Clues to Killers
Service organization offers transportation to students
Hodge Opens Earth Temple Job/Skills Center
A.T.H. Hodge
Save The Planet Project - Photo D.O.J. Agents at OSU Campus


44th President of the United States of America, Barack Obama an
An Old Friend and Honorary Earth Templar Since 1997 
"America's Godbrother"

U.S Senator Sherrod Brown, and Dr. Anthony T. Hodge

U.S Senator Sherrod Brown, and Dr. Anthony T. Hodge, Criminologist/Lobbyist

Eric Holder

To the left, Eric Holder, (Godbrother) Attorney General of the United States of America. Friend of Reverend Hodge and our Earth Environment. Reverend Hodge has befriended to other past Attorney Generals the late senator William B. Saxbe and Former U.S. Attorney, Janet Reno (Miami, 1980). Rev. Hodge as a child shook hands with Robert Kennedy (The late Senator and U.S Attorney General)

Professor Bruce B. JacksonTo the right, Professor Bruce B. Jackson (BB) Esquire, Former Law Professor at Chicago's John Marshall Law School and current Law Professor at Catholic University in Washington D.C. His clients include Rev. Jeremiah E. Wright, Robin Roberts from Fox News, the late Walter Payton (NFL) and Donna Stone (Clement Stone), Chicago Billionaires.BB is my cousin, Godbrother and fellow Central State Alumni. As a Chicago Loop Trial Lawyer, he's known as the "Wizard of Wacker."

Rev. Dr. Joel KingRev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s First Cousin Rev. Joel L King, Pastor and old friend of Dr. Hodge and Earth Temple Ministries for Forty Years

Ben CrumpAn old friend and client of Dr. Anthony Hodge (Private Investigator) To the Right, World Famous Civil Rights Attorney and Godbrother Benjamin Crump Esq.

Sherrod Brown

Dr. Anthony Hodge with old friend and environmentalist being lobbied. To the right, U.S. Sen Sherrod Brown

Former Ohio Senator, Att. Otto Beatty Jr., and His Wife U.S Congresswoman Joyce Beatty

Former Ohio Senator, the late Att. Otto Beatty Jr. Esq, and His Wife U.S Congresswoman Joyce Beatty (Godbrother to both)

Patrick Lizinski

Dr. Hodge with the CEO of Columbus Metropolitan Library, Patrick Losinski

Mayor Andrew Ginther

Mayor Andrew Ginther of the city of Columbus, OH. with Dr. Tony Hodge, old friend since 2000. We're both proud of our Native American roots. 

Andrew Young, Walt and Daria Hodge    
Andrew Young, former Mayor of Atlanta and U.N. Ambassador with his younger brother Walt and Daria L. Hodge B.A., M.A., J.D.

Daria L. Hodge with Coretta Scott King

Daria L. Hodge with Coretta Scott King